Bid Day 2021

We are now accepting orders for Bid Day 2021!

In order to ensure we are able to get everyone's orders out in a timely fashion we ask that you reserve your spot today. Order's received prior to Saturday August 21st, 2021 at 3pm will be prioritized. Order's received after listed date will still be of importance but have the possibility to be delayed by a day or two. 


Not sure of which chapter yet? 

It's okay we have option available (TBD) please select that option and reach out to us as soon as you know which chapter your daughter has selected.

What if my daughter decides to not join a sorority, can I get a refund? 

Yes, we will provide you with a refund. Or instead we do offer a welcome basket that we can use as substitute instead. 

What's included?

Each basket includes 2-3 sorority pieces, sweet, salty, and savory treats, additional first week survival items, and much much more!

Can I do just sorority pieces?

Yes! No two baskets are the same. If you prefer just sorority pieces you might incur additional costs and depending on the products a delay in production time. 

Any further questions, concerns, or venting needs feel free to reach out to us at 954-477-1353 or

Happy Rush Week!!

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